[Review] XingBao XB-01006 - Toys and Bookstore

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[Review] XingBao XB-01006 - Toys and Bookstore

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Disclamer: since my German is terrible I hope you dont mind me writing in English. Also the is my first review ever so be gentle plz :)

We bought this set a week ago on the Ali sale, at the XINGBAO Official Store, for only 109euro. And package arrived within 6 days.

With almost 5500 pieces the biggest set we bought sofar. Including a big, 277 pages, and well made manual. Only the colours could have been a bit better but even official Lego manuals arent always good at that.

Being used to Lepin sets the numbered bags are a nice surprise although the challenge with Lepin is bigger :)

Its around 3-5 bags per number, we made till number 4. Quality of the pieces is compared to Lepin which is, in my opinion, almost the same as Lego.
2017-09-09 14.37.35.jpg
2017-09-09 14.44.17.jpg
Overview of the build sofar.
2017-09-09 14.44.35.jpg
2017-09-09 14.44.46.jpg
Two closeup shots. As you can see alot of details in this set. Also notice the transparent bricks are very clear (not cloudy).
And maybe the biggest suprise, printed pieces and no stickers! Dont think I have seen a sticker leaflet, Lego should take notice :)

Pictures of build with bags number 4&5:
2017-09-09 22.13.53.jpg
Crappy iPhone cant handle low light very well :(
2017-09-09 22.30.19.jpg
2017-09-09 22.33.57.jpg
Look at the cute small figures on top shelf. And a printed keyboard (and monitor)
2017-09-09 22.34.20.jpg
And in case you didnt notice before, this set is rly colorful :)

Bags 6&7 finish this floor. When building the wall and big windows at the front the construction doesnt feel very sturdy. However after finishing all the pieces on top it all comes together. Overall the build is very sturdy.
As you can see more printed pieces and big clear 'glass' windows.
2017-09-10 20.09.46.jpg
2017-09-10 20.10.15.jpg
2017-09-10 20.10.42.jpg
2017-09-10 20.11.19.jpg
Next floor comming up :)
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