Mapping zwischen LEGO und LEPIN/LELE/DECOOL etc.

Liste der verfügbaren Sets der größeren Hersteller

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Mapping zwischen LEGO und LEPIN/LELE/DECOOL etc.

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2260Ice Dragon Attack791429729
2507Fire Temple79140
2520Battle Arena9733
2521Lightning Dragon Battle79141
3061City Park Cafe10162
3063Heartlake Flying Club10157
3065Olivia's Tree House10158
3183Stephanie's Cool Convertible10167
3184Adventure Camper10168
3185Summer Riding Camp10170
3186Emma's Horse Trailer10161
3187Butterfly Beauty Shop10156
3188Heartlake Vet10169
3189Heartlake Stables10163
3221City Truck02036
3315Olivia's House10164
3677Red Cargo Train02039
3930Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery10123
3931Emma's Splash Pool10124
3936Emma's Fashion Design Studio10133
3937Olivia's Speedboat10134
3939Mia's Bedroom10132
3942Heartlake Dog Show10159
4184The Black Pearl1600639009
4195Queen Anne's Revenge1600939008
4204The Mine02071
4207City Garage02073
4210Coast Guard Platform02070
4757Hogwarts Castle16029
4841Hogwarts Express16031
4842Hogwarts Castle16030
4888Underwater Exploration24012
4939Cool Cars3113
4955Big Rig24023
4957Ferris Wheel15033
4958Monster Dino24010
4999Vestas Wind Turbine37001
5563Racing Truck21020
5571Giant Truck21015
5590Whirl and Wheel Super Truck21016
5591Mach II Red Bird Rig21017
5867Super Speedster3110
6210Jabba's Sail Barge05090
6753Highway Transport Set24011
6769Fort Legoredo33001
6860The BatcaveSY513
6862Secret Space VoyagerSY330
6867Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape7101
6868Hulk's Helicarrier BreakoutSY328
6869Quinjet Aerial BattleSY327
6910Mini Sports Car3101
6911Mini Fire Rescue3102
6912Super Soarer3105
7094King's Castle Siege16017
7181TIE Interceptor - UCS05044
7189Mill Village Raid16049
7292Propeller Adventures3111
7327Scorpion Pyramid31001
7625River Chase7109
7662Trade Federation MTT05069
7665Republic Cruiser05070
7683Fight on the Flying Wing31002
7699MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit 27001
7778Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon79213
7782The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault7112
7784The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition7116
7787The Bat-Tank: The Riddler and Bane's Hideout7108
7888The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Surprise7105
7900Heavy Loader02041
7905Building Crane02069
7994City Harbour02034
8039Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser05042
8043Motorized Excavator20007
8045Mini Telehandler3347
8052Container Truck20027
8053Mobile Crane20040
8065Mini Container Truck3345
8067Mini Mobile Crane3348
8068Rescue Helicopter3355
8070Super Car20028
8081Extreme Cruiser3341
8088ARC-170 Starfighter35004
8109Flatbed Truck20021
8110Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4002001938015
8143Ferrari F430 Challenge 1:178613
8145Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano3333
8156Ferrari FXX 1:1721009
8169Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
8185Ferrari Truck21022
8200Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen10001
8201Classic Mater10002
8206Tokyo Pit Stop10010
8214Lamborghini Polizia
8258Crane Truck20013
8274Combine Harvester20041
8275Motorized Bulldozer20008
8285Tow Truck20020
8289Fire Truck3323
8386Ferrari F1 Racer3334
8421Mobile Crane20068
8423World Grand Prix Racing Rivalry10008
8424Mater's Spy Zone10007
8426Escape at Sea10011
8454Rescue Truck20042
8461Williams F1 Team Racer 20022
8484Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen10016
8486Mack's Team Truck10017
8653Enzo Ferrari 1:1010571
8674Ferrari F1 Racer 1:83335
8677Ultimate Build Mater10015
8678Ultimate Build Francesco10014
8679Tokyo International CircuitSY940
8682Nitro Intimidator9602
9394Jet Plane
9397Logging Truck20059
93984x4 Crawler20014
9441Kai's Blade Cycle9754
9445Fangpyre Truck Ambush9760
9446Destiny's Bounty791319762
9449Ultra Sonic Raider9788
9450Epic Dragon Battle791329789
9457Fangpyre Wrecking Ball9761
9474The Battle of Helm's Deep16013
9478Francesco Bernoulli10006
9479Ivan Mater10003
9480Finn McMissile10004
9481Jeff Gorvette10005
9483Agent Mater's Escape10009
9484Red's Water Rescue10013
9485Ultimate Race Set10012
10019Rebel Blockade Runner - UCS05046
10026Special Edition Naboo Starfighter - UCS05060
10030Imperial Star Destroyer - UCS05027
10129Rebel Snowspeeder05084
10134Y-wing Attack Starfighter - UCS05040
10143Death Star II - UCS05026
10174Imperial AT-ST - UCS05052
10175Vader's TIE Advanced - UCS05055
10178Motorized Walking AT-AT05050
10179Millennium Falcon - UCS0503335002
10181Eiffel Tower 1:300 Scale1700230009
10182Cafe Corner150023001210001
10183Hobby Train21011
10185Green Grocer150083000510002
10187Volkswagen Beetle21014
10188Death Star0503535000
10189Taj Mahal17001
10190Market Street150073001310003
10193Medieval Market Village16011
10194Emerald Night21005
10195Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker05053
10196Grand Carousel15013A
10197Fire Brigade15004
10210Imperial Flagship22001
10211Grand Emporium1500530004
10212Imperial Shuttle - UCS0503435005
10214Tower Bridge1700430001
10216Winter Village Bakery39072
10217Diagon Alley16012
10218Pet Shop1500930015
10219Maersk Train21006
10220Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (VW Bus)2100110569
10221Super Star Destroyer - UCS0502835003
10224Town Hall15003
10225R2-D2 - UCS0504335009
10226Sopwith Camel21021
10227B-Wing Starfighter - UCS05045
10228Haunted House16007
10231Shuttle Expedition16014
10232Palace Cinema1500630006
10233Horizon Express21007
10234Sydney Opera House1700330002
10235Winter Village Market36010
10236Ewok Village - UCS05047
10237The Tower of Orthanc16010
10240Red Five X-wing Starfighter - UCS05039
10241Maersk Line Triple-E22002
10242MINI Cooper2100210568
10243Parisian Restaurant1501030007
10244Fairground Mixer15014
10245Santa's Workshop33024
10246Detective's Office1501130008
10247Ferris Wheel15012
10248Ferrari F402100410567
10249Winter Toy Shop3600239015
10251Brick Bank15001
10252Volkswagen Beetle (VW Beetle)2100310566
10253Big Ben1700530003
10254Winter Holiday Train36001
10255Assembly Square1501930019
10256Taj Mahal17008
10258London Bus21045
10259Winter Village Station36011
10260Downtown Diner15037
10696Medium Creative Brick Box42001
10698Large Creative Brick Box42002
10736Anna and Elsa's Frozen Playground10665
10743Smokey's Garage10685
10937Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout070447124
21010Robie House17007
21105Minecraft Micro World - The Village79047
21106Minecraft Micro World - The Nether79048
21107Minecraft Micro World - The End10173
21113The Cave1801610174
21114The Farm10175
21115First Night7904510176
21116Crafting Box10177SY541
21117The Ender Dragon1802010178
21118The Mine180117907410179
21119The Dungeon7914610390SY543
21120The Snow Hideout180187914510391
21121The Desert Outpost180197914810392
21122The Nether Fortress180177914710393
21123The Iron Golem18001
21124The End Portal180027928110470
21125The Jungle Tree House1800379350
21126The Wither1800479265
21127The Fortress18005
21128The Village180087928810531
21129The Mushroom Island18023
21130The Nether Railway18024
21131The Ice Spikes18025
21132The Jungle Temple18026
21133The Witch Hut18027
21134The Waterfall Base18028
21135Crafting Box 2.018030
21136The Ocean Monument
21137The Mountaiun Cave18032
21144The Farm Cottage18039
21302The Big Bang Theory16024
21306The Beatles Yellow Submarine21012
21307Caterham Seven 620R210088612
21309NASA Apollo Saturn V37003
21310Old Fishing Store16050
21312Women of NASA35002
21313Ship in a Bottle16051
30250Ewar's Acro Fighter10031
30252Crug's Swamp Jet10032
30253Leonidas' Jungle Dragster10034
31000Mini Speeder3104
31001Mini Skyfighter3103
31002Super Racer3106
31003Red Rotors3107
31017Sunset Speeder3108
31018Highway Cruiser3109
31024Roaring Power3116
31033Vehicle Transporter3114
31034Future flyers3115
31045Ocean Explorer3112
31050Corner Deli24007
31052Vacation Getaways3117
31062Robo Explorer24020
31063Beachside Vacation24014
31064Island Adventures24021
31066Space Shuttle Explorer3118
31081Modular Skate House 24042
4029060 Years of the Lepin Brick36012
41000Water Scooter Fun10125
41001Mia's Magic Tricks10131
41004Rehearsal Stage10155
41005Heartlake High10166
41006Downtown Bakery10165
41007Heartlake Pet Salon10171
41008Heartlake City Pool10160
41009Andrea's Bedroom10153
41013Emma's Sports Car10154
41015Dolphin Cruiser7916310172
41018Cat's Playground10129
41019Turtle's Little Oasis10130
41050Ariel's Amazing TreasuresSY320
41051Merida's Highland GamesSY321
41052Ariel's Magical KissSY322
41053Cinderella's Dream Carriage37002SY323
41054Rapunzel's Creativity TowerSY324
41055Cinderella's Romantic Castle25006SY325
41060Sleeping Beauty's Royal Bedroom10433
41061Jasmine's Exotic Palace10434
41062Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle250057916810435SY373
41063Ariel's Undersea Palace10436SY374
41065Rapunzel's Best Day Ever3700010564
41066Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh Adventure7927610666SY372
41067Belle's Enchanted Castle010103700110565
41068Arendelle Castle Celebration0101879277SY371
41071Aira's Creative Workshop10408
41072Naida's Spa Secret10410
41073Naida's Epic Adventure Ship10411
41074Azari and the Magical Bakery10412
41075The Elves' Treetop Hideaway10414
41076Farran and the Crystal Hollow10409
41077Aira's Pegasus Sleigh10413
41078Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle3000110415
41085Animal Care Clinic10537
41086Vet Ambulance10534
41088Puppy Training10532
41089Little Foal10533
41090Olivia's Garden Pool10542
41091Mia's Roadster10544
41092Stephanie's Pizzeria10535
41093Heartlake Hair Salon7916210539SY378
41094Heartlake Lighthouse10540
41095Emma's House10541
41097Heartlake Hot Air Balloon10546
41098Emma's Tourist Kiosk10543
41099Heartlake Skate Park10491
41100Heartlake Private Jet10545
41101Heartlake Grand Hotel0104510547
41103Pop Star Recording Studio10403SY377
41104Pop Star Dressing Room10404SY379
41105Pop Star Show Stage10406SY380
41106Pop Star Tour Bus10407SY381
41107Pop Star Limo10405SY382
41108Heartlake Food Market10495
41110Birthday Party10492
41115Emma's Creative Workshop10553
41116Olivia's Exploration Car10555
41117Pop Star TV Studio10538SY578
41118Heartlake Supermarket0100110494
41119Heartlake Cupcake Café (Cafe)0100210496SY579
41120Adventure Camp Archery0100510536
41121Adventure Camp Rafting0100310493
41122Adventure Camp Tree House0100410497
41123Foal's Washing Station10552
41124Heartlake Puppy Daycare10558
41125Horse Vet Trailer10561
41126Heartlake Riding Club10562
41127Amusement Park Arcade10554
41128Amusement Park Space Ride0100610556
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog Van0100710559
41130Amusement Park Roller Coaster0100810563
41131Friends Advent Calendar
41132Heartlake Party Shop10557
41133Amusement Park Bumper Cars0100910560
41135Livi's Pop Star House0104610498SY580
41147Anna's Snow Adventure2500110661
41148Elsa's Magical Ice Palace2500210664
41149Moana's Island Adventure2500410662
41150Moana's Ocean Voyage2500310663
41154Cinderella's Dream Castle25014
41155Elsa's Market Adventure25015
41171Emily Jones & the Baby Wind Dragon10499
41172The Water Dragon Adventure10500
41173Elvendale School of Dragons10501
41174The Starlight Inn10502
41175Fire Dragon's Lava Cave10503
41176The Secret Market Place10504
41177The Precious Crystal Mine10548
41178The Dragon Sanctuary10549
41179Queen Dragon's Rescue10550
41180Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle10551
41230Batgirl Batjet Chase10615
41231Harley Quinn to the Rescue10617
41232Super Hero High School2900110618
41233Lashina Tank10613
41234Bumblebee Helicopter10614
41235Wonder Woman Dorm Room10616
41239Eclipso Dark Palace29010
41310Heartlake Gift Delivery10608
41311Heartlake Pizzeria0101110609
41312Heartlake Sports Centre01012
41313Heartlake Summer Pool01013
41314Stephanie's House01014
41317Sunshine Catamaran01038
41322Snow Resort Ice Rink01043
41324Snow Resort Ski Lift01042
41329Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom01054
41330Stephanie's Soccer Practice01055
41332Emma's Art Stand01056
41333Olivia's Mission Vehicle01057
41334Andrea's Park Performance01058
41336Emma's Art Café01060
41338Stephanie's Sports Arena01061
41339Mia's Camper Van01062
41340Friendship House01063
419994 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition20011
42000Grand Prix Racer3366
42007Moto Cross Bike38041
42008Service Truck
42009Mobile Crane Mk II2000438011
42025Cargo Plane20016
42029Customised Pick-Up Truck3362
42030Volvo L350F Wheel Loader2000638010
42032Compact Tracked Loader38023
42033Record Breaker3415
42034Quad Bike3416
42035Mining Truck380023363
42036Street Motorcycle
42037Formula Off-Roader38001
42038Arctic Truck20012
4203924 Hours Race Car200033364
42040Fire Plane38018
42041Race Truck3360
42042Crawler Crane2001038012
42043Mercedes-Benz Arocs 32452000538009
42046Getaway Racer3417
42047Police Interceptor3418
42048Race Kart38003
42050Drag Racer38000
42052Heavy Lift Helicopter2000238008
42053Volvo EW160E2002338005
42054Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC2000938006
42055Bucket Wheel Excavator2001538007
42056Porsche 911 GT3 RS2000138004105703368(A/B/C)
42062Container Yard20035
42063BMW R 1200 GS Adventure200323369(A/B)
42064Ocean Explorer20034
42065RC Tracked Racer20033
42066Air Race Jet20031
42068Airport Rescue Vehicle20055
42069Extreme Adventure200573372
420706x6 All Terrain Tow Truck20056
42071Dozer Compactor20071
42074Racing Yacht20074
42075Fire Responder20079
42077Rally Car20077
42078Mack Anthem20076
42084Hook Loader20075 - The Dark Side of the Bricks!

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