Good and reliable sellers on Aliexpress

Where to buy Knock-Off bricks? What do I have to consider?
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Good and reliable sellers on Aliexpress

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Sorry to put this in this topic, but I cannot find the right topic anymore.

Anyway, I bought about 7-8 sets from Dream House.
DHL tracking is smooth and fast, as well as packing.
But only thing is, when I order something, it usually takes 5-6 days before he ships. Now I ordered a Market Street 10 days ago, but still no shipment.

I wanted to ask you guys, can you tell me some other reliable sellers on Aliexpress that:
- pack good
- have good prices, like 55 euros on modulars.
- and ship within 1-2 days with DHL express with right tracking numbers.

Thanks a lot guys.

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