[Review] 05050 - AT-AT Motorized

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[Review] 05050 - AT-AT Motorized

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Copy of the Chinese brand LEPIN, model of LEGO 10178.

With its 1157 pieces it gets a model that is practically exact to the original. The fit of the pieces is very similar to those of LEGO, both in touch and click, except for part 4198367: Damper 2M that is excessively hard, so that the assembly can not be done as in the original model since it does not Allows opening the head to introduce minifigures.

The engine is noisier than the original LEGO.
Minifigures are practically accurate to the originals.
Part 4528331: Black rope, in LEPIN comes in three parts to be knotted or glued.


The assembly is fun, and only waiting to receive a LEGO replacement to modify the fit of the head and leave it properly.
The speed of the AT-AT walking is the one that can be seen in the video, once started, maintains the straight line perfectly, and when it hits a wall, continuous walking until you change its direction.

A very recommendable model.
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